17 thoughts on “Recharge any Jio number with your MyJio 50 discount coupons, step by step images”

  1. If you have got two unused vouchers, you can use them to recharge any number of your choice.

    Steps are very simple, goto My Jio App then login with that sim which have those vouchers. In My Jio app goto> My Vouchers> Reedem > Select recharge another mobile> confirm.

  2. I have taken two packages of ₹399 for one sim at the same time. Can I transfer one of my packages to another sim?
    If yes, please tell me the procedure for the same.

  3. Yes, you do not need to do anything. Your 2nd pack will be activated automatically after the expiration of the first pack. You can check for that in your My Jio App 2nd pack will be in the queue.

  4. I have mistakenly recharged twice in my Jio number.(399×2)
    The first recharge validity date is almost to be completed(in 6th July).
    So , Please tell me …can I get next 84 days validity for which I have recharged earlier…Ihave got vouchers twice.

  5. Yes, you can use that to recharge any Jio number at your interest. Further more, this is what Jio says about Vouchers in My Jio App:

    "Buy your vouchers when you can. Recharge them when you need.
    Did you know that, with other operators, doing a recharge while you have an active plan can result in your current plan to expire prematurely.
    And waiting to recharge till your current plan is fully utilized may leave you with no balance and no service.
    Introducing a revolutionary concept from Jio – My Vouchers.
    A way to conveniently buy and store your Jio Voucher(s) ahead of time, in digital form.
    Your vouchers are always available at your fingertips, for you to use at a time of your choosing. You can even transfer these digital vouchers to your friends and family for them to use.
    In short, the power is in your hands. You decide when to buy, when to use and who should use."

  6. After buying the voucher you should recharge that either for your number or any of your choice. Because Jio Double dhamaka is applicable for recharges within this month, until new offer comes. Though if you do a recharge within your existing pack validity, it'll not be activated instantly, it'll be kept in the queue. And then when your existing pack validity expires then only the new plan will get AUTO ACTIVATED.

  7. I don't have any active plan on my jio number, if i recharge now will i be able to activate it later or it'll get activated automatically on recharge.

  8. Hey i have another data pack activated which is due nxt month and i want to avail this offer and use it after my current pack what should i do? And my current plan is on another network.

  9. There was a problem with the comment system, so unfortunately one comment was deleted.

    He asked about if he recharge with 399 now, and then activate the pack later, will he be eligible for Jio Double Dhamaka offer of extra 1.5 Gb/per day?

    Yes. By recharging with Jio now, you'll get a voucher in your my jio app, which will enable you to activate the Double Dhamaka offer. In short if you recharge with 399 normal pack of daily 1.5 gb data will be auto activated. And you'll receive a voucher to activate that extra 1.5gb per day. So thus the total data will be 3Gb per day.


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